1. If they make a movie about Cain, Samuel L. Jackson should definitely get the part. He’s got that same, “stay straight or I’ll kick your ass” grin.

    1. Let’s see… a future movie about the 2012 Republican primaries…

      Josh Brolin as Rick Perry (but only because he’s already played W)
      Sam Jackson as Herman Cain
      Either Kristin Wiig or Ann Hathaway as Bachmann (they can both do slightly-off so well)
      Tina Fay, of course, with repeated cameos as Sarah Palin. By the end of the film, you wish she’d just stop showing up.
      Ted Danson as Mitt Romney.
      Ted Danson as John Huntsman.
      Rick Santorum as itself.
      and introducing a Frightened Cat as Ron Paul.

      1. Paulo, dear, I’m afraid any blog I start would be little more than re-posts of this blog. Maybe some Slog, too. And the day I re-post something that Chris re-posted from Slog, the recursion might cause the internet to collapse on itself and destroy the world.

        On the plus side, we might find the Higgs Boson that way.

  2. Damn it,Chris! Because of this I saw Mark Block in my dreams last night, and that stupid song in the background kept playing in my head all night. What will I do without Cynical-C? 😀

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