1. Would it make me absolutely insufferable if I simply refused to acknowledge DST? We can start a resistance movement. All summer, we’ll clarify whenever making appointments, “Is that 4:00 standard or daylight saving? Oh, I see, so then I’ll see you at three.”

    Who’s with me?

    1. I spent some time is rural Minnesota (Michelle Bachmanns district so you know the type of people these are). Many of the farmers there set only one clock to DST, all the others were left on what they refereed to as “Gods time”. And they really believed that – God made standard time & it was eternal. They did not like me much when I explained how we got standard time & that it actually was the railroads that set it not God. I liked to point out that noon standard time was not noon to God.

      1. Well, ask them sometime the distinction between businessmen (the Job Creators, They Who Pulled Themselves Up By Their Bootstraps) and God, and I bet you’d get an interesting answer.

  2. The 1950s was a great time to be a boring, average person? Sheesh, don’t tell that to Little Richard, John Wayne, Elvis Presley, James Dean, Vincent Price or Marilyn Monroe.

  3. Also don’t forget those millions of airplane, boat and other travellers.. being bugged about where at what you are is some of the annoying “features” of daylight savings

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