A Wine Shelf Collapses

About 7,000 bottles worth:

Superior Discount Liquor had an unexpected and dramatic inventory reduction earlier this year when a shelf running the length of the store gave way, sending 6,810 bottles of wine and champagne hurtling to the floor. The collapse flooded the store and sent two nearby workers scurrying out of the way.

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The collapse took place in July but is going public now after the store posted surveillance video on YouTube.

Nick Haen, a salesman with Badger Liquor Co., was almost finished restocking the shelf during his weekly visit to the store when the 78-foot section of shelf gave way.

“I heard a little shift and all of the sudden I looked up and just saw bottles start coming, and so I turned around and booked it as fast as I could,” Haen, 23, said Thursday. “It was a little bit of a rush, a little bit of a, ‘Holy man, did that just happen?’ It was unbelievable.”