1. I can light my stove without matches, too, but if I had a nickel for every time I needed a gallon of boiling water in twelve minutes…

    Seriously, though, I want one.

  2. Hampton Court is just a few miles away. This is how all we Brits light our stoves in the morning. [Anyone watch Ray Mears?]

    And Nowax – it’s gotta be flint and steel. Food just doesn’t taste right if you light your fire with one of those new-fangled ferrocerium rods!

  3. I’ve made and used charcloth, I’ve started fires without matches, but I was never able to use a flint and steel like that. I can use a Sweedish firestarter but not just a piece of flint and steel. Flint and steel remained unchanged since Roman times. But in the 1700s, about 100 years after the Elisabeth (the last ruling Tudor), they invented something like the wheel on a cigarette lighter; it was shaped like a pistol and you would wind up a key then when you let it go sparks would shoot out.

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