• MacCrocodile

    … You gonna eat that?

  • geez

    Meh, see that in my fridge all the time…

  • So it’s like Gallagher’s act, then?

    • Kind of but I didn’t get wet and I’m not asking for my money back.

      • MacCrocodile

        Also, it didn’t turn into a giant racist in its old age.

  • Ben

    Couldn’t help but be reminded of this:

    One of the greatest films of all time!

  • Nick M.

    I love how you can see the mold propagate then an influx of what is likely drosophila set up shop. Go science!

  • pvc

    Mold loves watermelon and won’t eat McD fries. Smart mold is smart.

  • Debbe

    Wowwww. Grossly beautiful… or beautifully gross.