1. Ha, I came here to comment, and was shocked that someone posted the exact same thing that I was going to write!

      And then I wasn’t so shocked when I noticed that it was my wife. Hi honey!

  1. I love the fried chicken from the delivery place I order from at my girlfriends house, but from anywhere else I order sesame chicken. That and vegetable fried rice, which I load up with fresh hot mustard, and crag rangoon.

  2. Depends on the restaurant – at Victoria Seafood in Allston, it’s the Chicken with Peppers and Black Bean sauce. At the Yenching in Harvard Square, Dan Dan noodles are the way to go. Super-spicy the way I like. Don’t know what the indescribable meat in ’em is and don’t care to know.

  3. Pork fried rice. Dull, I know. After that bowl of Chinese jellyfish soup in Malaysia, I stick with the known.

    For the curious: jellyfish = fish-flavored gummi bears

  4. FWIT, Crab Rangoon is American. Even the name is Burmese, not Chinese. I’m allergic to crab, so they’re not my favorite, but I used to make them for the wife. They’re really easy to make at home.

  5. for a while it was sesame chicken and an egg roll. Though lately I’ve been doing Indian delivery instead so it’s usually cheese poori and dal.

  6. Oh, you people are just plain evil, I just want you all to know that up front. Just about everything you’ve all already mentioned. Regrettably, the local place we have isn’t quite up to snuff. I can’t believe they’re still open after two separate cases of food poisoning. There’s another place… but out here in Smallville (I CAN SAY THAT! THEY FILMED HERE!)… by the time I could get it home, it would all be cold.

    Great, now I’m hungry for Kung Pao Anything, General Tso, and pan fried noodles all with wonderfully hot Chinese mustard.

  7. Hot and sour fish soup. Sadistically spicy, incredibly delicious. I’m lucky to live in a place with “real” Chinese food available.

    But when it comes to good ol’ Americanized Chinese food, I’m a sucker for General Tso’s chicken or dry-cooked stringbeans.

  8. General Tsao’s Chicken with fried rice. I always substitute an egg roll for the soup because soup sucks. My standard order is about 50ยข shy of the minimum they’ll deliver, so I usually throw on one more egg roll.

  9. Standard order for a family gathering is something like: chicken chow mein, cashew nut gai ding, almond breaded chicken, beef and brocoli in black bean sauce, deep fried prawns, pork fried rice, lettuce wrap.

  10. I just go with a pint of pork fried rice, some teriaki beef skewers, and the crunchy chicken wings.

    On occasion I’ll try cream of sum yung guy.

  11. Szechuan chicken
    Hunan pork
    Teriyaki chicken
    Stuffed Dumplings
    Vegetable Fried Rice
    Pepper Steak
    Large plain lo mein
    Hot sour soup

    I have a family of six. They all like something different. The bill is horrendous, but the food lasts for days.

  12. It sounds revolting, but it was introduced to me by an old housemate from up north where they love their fried foods: sweet & sour pork/chicken balls, but instead of a pot of sweet & sour sauce, get chip shop curry sauce.

    Never looked back.

  13. Here in good ole’ Tennessee, Chinese, just like Pizza, is so uncharacteristically awful (I’m a damn Yankee) That I have taken to making my own. What is really galling is that I have been to so many places here, that I know the owners and what part of >New York< they lived previously before coming here..? I go to the local Asian market and buy my own rice noodle, pork belly, char siu sauce, won ton skins, napa cabbage, and bok choy. I can make my own chow fun, dumplings, and chinese roast pork (char siu). Next up will be dim sum dishes, since I do not want to drive to Atlanta for a dozen char siu bao.
    My favorite char siu recipe and food blogger:

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