1. I feel holy!
    Oh so holy!
    It’s alarming how holy I feel!
    I’m so holy that I hardly can believe I’m real!

    See that holy man in the mirror there.
    Who can that savior be?
    Such a holy face, such a holy dress, such a holy smile such a holy meee!

  2. Many critics were skeptical when Jennifer Aniston was cast in the passion play, but she surprised everyone and earned her place among the great actors of her generation.

  3. “With the whiskers sticking out from under his pancake make-up (and yet, he was a beautiful lady) nearly drove you insa-yay-yay-yane.

    (Very few will get that)

  4. A hipster mad scientist from Brooklyn thought it would be “kewl” to fuse Jesus and Barbie…but it wasn’t so kewl when Malibu Christ escaped from the lab and had to be shot while scaling the Empire State Building in a black mini-dress and a thorny tiara.

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