1. Like 36 years later and Gilmour still sings it well. Such a beautiful, poetic description of the pitfalls of fame: “Did you exchange/A walk-on part in the war/For a lead role in a cage.”

    1. Gotta admit he still has a good voice at his age. Not “for his age”, I said “At his age!”

      BTW, you can get a little out of your cage by going to your local Occupy events. Been to Occupy Houston three times already and went to Occupy Galveston this weekend. Took the ferry to Bolivar after that event wound down and had a twilight swim in the Gulf. Didn’t see a shark. I love to swim with the sharks. If the water is clear they seldom bite people. Saw some dolphins.

      Occupy is your walk on part in the war.


  2. Sniff.

    Chris, if you ever get crappy comments about the contents of this website again, just remember you made Circe cry. In a good way,.

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