1. I guess that’s like the time when I was about five, watching my brother take apart a radio. My first question when he got the case open: “Where are the little people that play the music?”

  2. Hell, I have the same problem with pretty much every screen I encounter these days. The other day it took me at least ten seconds to come to the conclusion that the gas pump was not actually broken.

  3. Just be thankful you’re not used to a touchscreen on your desktop PC. One of my monitors is a 19″ touchscreen in portrait mode (off an MRI machine – via eBay) I am forever jabbing my finger at any unfamiliar LCD in portrait mode. Oddly enough I never try it with LCDs in landscape.

  4. In his blurb at the end (“Steve Jobs has coded a part of her OS”) the poster seems pretty bitter about a man whose products he obviously likes so much that he introduced them to his infant before teaching her about paper. Seems a little inappropriate.

  5. I recently walked away froma ‘Broken’ ATM before realising that I hadn’t used the BIG SILVER BUTTONS but had tried to touch the tiny words on the tiny screen to make them work.

  6. It seems like just a normal child pointing at and trying to grab things, as little kids often do. It’s just that the iPad was designed so that the gestures you use to operate it are very natural. So natural, that kids so them randomly when playing with things.

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