Question of the Day

I know, we do this one a lot. But it’s a good question damn it. Stop judging.

What are you reading?

I’m about 400 pages into REAMDE. I was finishing up a John Lennon biography (Thanks to a recommendation from one of these questions) so didn’t really start to sink my teeth into it until late last week. I’m loving it at the moment. Neal Stephenson seems to be one of those authors who I need to savor every word, even if that means I’ll add a week of reading time. The only complaint I’ve had is one chase scene goes on for a bit too long (I think I’m finally at the tail end of it) but Stephenson is just geek pr0n at its finest.

I thought Anathem was a bit difficult to follow by the end and it wasn’t easy reading. I had to copy the damn glossary from the back of the book and shrink it so that I had a handy guide which became a pain after a while.