1. I’m P.O.ed – last night I got a call from a potential client, she needed a cake baked and decorated for today (I make a few extra bucks baking for people) I said she left it kind of late but that I would do it for her (the fact that she said she would pay extra didn’t hurt), so I baked the cakes, and made the fondant last night – this morning I was right in the middle of icing my masterpiece when she called back – Change of plans, everything is canceled, no need for a cake, terribly sorry etc.
    At least I have a tasty cake for tonight – How’s by you?

  2. I found out yesterday that the job I’ve been temping in for six months has been officially staffed. I did not find this out officially, though. A coworker seems to have heard before I did, assumed I had been told that my replacement is starting on Monday, and asked me about it.

    I will be getting very drunk this weekend.

      1. I don’t even know yet. The boss still hasn’t even told me that the job has been filled. I’m probably coming back next week, since the other guy I was talking to said we’re being moved to another cubicle to make room for the new guy here. So at least he’s been given the impression that we’re sticking around for a little longer.

  3. Wonderful. After spending a few days in Orlando for work I’m home this weekend with no wife/kid and have a 6# pork shoulder in the fridge that’ll be in the smoker all day tomorrow while I do all the things I love to do while alone at home, including painting the kitchen cabinets and cleaning the garage.

  4. I”m terribly frustrated with my housing situation (see my post in We Are the 99 Percent) but at the same time I realize I’m doing much better than many of my peers and I’m trying to count my blessings to keep my spirits up.

    Chase gave me the runaround on the phone yesterday and wouldn’t give me contact info for a human who could review my request for a loan mod outside of the guidelines for the recent federal programs. Even though I can afford my payments this kept me up last night, I couldn’t sleep because I’m so mad about it and I feel like my hands are tied. I did everything I should have – got a loan I could afford at a fixed interest rate, and did it as young as I could so I could begin to build equity – but because so many other people (and banks) are assholes now I’ve got this condo that’s worth 30% what I paid for it. You read that right, 30%.

    So to give myself a little power, today on my lunch break I went down to a credit union and began the process of switching away from Bank of America.

    1. This is why I stopped watching after the Titanic episode… I heard spoilers and the season finale was out by the time I saw it, and I knew what was going to happen and couldn’t bear to see it for myself. Cas was always my favorite character. 🙁

  5. A week and a half of recurring migraines, so not so good. Just went to the second memorial in less than 2 weeks for friends who went into the hospital for minor medical adjustments and didn’t come out of it alive, on-going BS with the homeowners assn, of which I have the misfortune to be president, but all-in-all, I guess I have to be glad to be alive.

  6. Pretty awesome. Friday is a short day for me at work. Got home at noon, took a nap, and totally tore apart my kitchen, discarding everything I don’t need. I found two casserole dishes. When’s the last time I made a casserole? NEVER. I found cheese slicers, silverware that was there when I moved in 25 years ago, pre-Teflon pots and pans, etc. I’ll put an offer in Freecycle and it’ll be gone by the weekend. It feels great to get rid of the clutter (and I HATE clutter!).

    By the way, for those not in the know, Freecycle (http://my.freecycle.org) is sort of like Craigslist, but only for things you want to give away (no selling). The idea is that one’s trash is another’s treasure, and it’s best to keep trash out of the landfills if someone else can use it. I’ve given away old clothes, linens, old lawn tools – lots of stuff that’s still usable, but wouldn’t be worth the hassle of trying to sell.

  7. very well thank you. i’m totally stoked that it’s aloha friday. AND its hubby’s birthday weekend – we rented a bitchin spot on the mountain at pupukea, right above our favorite beach. all i have to do is bake a blueberry pie tonight (already made the dreaded costco trip!) and pack up the truck! woo hoo! hawaii is way too expensive and our cost of living is high but honestly, there is nothing like spending a day at the beach on the north shore of oahu……. it’s true what they say: we are lucky we live hawaii!

  8. Happy and tired. Today was payday, and I was down to single digits in my account. Lying on the couch with two sleeping dogs. This weekend I have fun plans for cycling and running and wining and dining with friends.

  9. Cautiously optimistic…

    Backstory: http://www.cynical-c.com/2011/07/11/question-of-the-day-306/#comment-1220372

    A preferred buyer for my employer was announced in court today. Apparently it was quite the gong show in court. It started at 10 AM, and evidently there was an hour and a half of bickering, so the judge called a recess until 2 PM.

    Still unsure as to whether I’ll be reimbursed the $40,000 I’m owed in work-related expenses. With luck I’ll get part of it back, and the new company will pay keep me on with respectable pay.

    1. I just read the original post too and I’m sorry Rick.

      We have new bosses at work. Their first day they cut everybody’s hours 20% and demoted everyone but with shiny new titles. I’m waiting for them to start cutting some benefits next.

  10. Pretty good. I just picked up Gears of War 3 and I’m excited for hours of gratuitous and unrealistic violence laced with more testosterone than a football locker room.

  11. still unemployed with the usual negative effects that go along with it, but taking perspective into account, it’s not the end of the world.

  12. Dealin’ with a bit of insomnia these days, but otherwise OK. I’ve been working so much, I just realized that summer’s umm,…..gone! I’m more bummed about losing sleep than losing the nice weather.

  13. My manager has quit, rumor has it that the position is to be filled with the useless person who already pushed good coworkers out the door and is already responsible for the loss of profits and clients. Not looking forward to next week!

    But, I am still employed – as yet.

  14. Pretty good, Im chipping away at a painting project for NYCC. I’m also making a board game and have to Pre-Press 210 printable cards, with more coming down the line (3k total).

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