1. I was just watching this at work and laughing hysterically and one of my coworkers just said to another, “The only thing she ever laughs at is cats on the internet.”
    It’s kind of true.

  2. Oh lord, when it starts distracted by the petting around the 30 second mark and just blithering “nerrrrr” noises I nearly did a poo in my knickers.

    1. Hold on there, bub. My mother had a passel of cats, all raised more or less alike, and more than one exhibited the unmistakable signs of being underpants-on-head batshit nuts. And it wasn’t because those cats lacked the exposure to people or stimuli that the other cats enjoyed.

      In short: No no no no no no.

  3. I like how it doesn’t just say the word “no.” I precedes it with “oh, nonono.” As if he was saying, “this will not do.”

  4. I didn’t think it was funny because I had a cat that made that noise before he vomited or had the runs. The way this poor guy is swallowing I think he’s got a hairball about to come up. (The bane of long haired cats.) He would also make that noise when he was scared.

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