1. I call shenanigans. Looks more like a publicity stunt to advertise their fishing guide business, which they advertise at both the beginning and the end of the video. Still a neat clip though.

  2. So about 30 minutes ago I pull into my yard and there are two deer there. I’ve seen up to 5 at once in my yard, and they’ll pretty much ignore people more than 10 feet away. Anyways, one of the deer is taking a piss right where I turn my truck around to park. Pretty much like this.

    The deer is just squatting there, facing me, with a look that says “WTF you looking at? I’m busy here!”I’m only 10 feet away in my truck (and it idles loud) After about half a minute it finishes, then bends down to nibble the freshly-watered grass, and immediately scampers off…

    Another time I’ll regale you with tales of the bears that eat from my apple trees, and the cub that ran across my foot once.

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