1. Just in case you’re not joking, Fred Rogers was never in the military. He was a song writer, Presbyterian minister and (most obviously) a TV host.

    1. Old as in older/more recent Rogers or old as in classic younger Rogers? I grew up with the ’90s version, but I think younger/more classic Rogers looks the coolest.

  1. * starts sobbing *
    Now kids’ shows are all creepy muppet wanna-bes with fake-cheery twenty-year-olds with brightly colored hair singing (badly) about how their town is so sleepy. ????

    1. Kids now-a-days have Yo Gabba Gabba, that pretty much makes up for any and all crap they’ll have to suffer through. In fact I think Yo Gabba Gabba is such a powerful force for good it might undo the damage done to children who’ve been subjected to The Wiggles.

    1. Ignoring what a humble and high caliber person Fred Rogers was, he was on PBS and Public Broadcast-lebrity is a bit of an unwieldy phrase. No, I think under any circumstances he’d only have ever referred to himself as a neighbor and a friend.

  2. I grew up in the concert business in Boston and Mr. Rogers’ name would pop up in conversation every now and then, especially if he was making an appearance somewhere…

    Whether you were a leather and mascara clad rocker or an acoustic granola head or anything in between… everyone loved Mr. Rogers.

    He had some indescribable quality, he hit a place in people that seeks comfort and calm, and for me his greatest appeal was that he was so genuine. He was an easy target to make fun of as many in the media did, but he had some very unusual quality that captured everyone.

    You’d goof on him at first and then you’d think, y’know, it would be nice if he WAS my neighbor.

    I know, it sounds lame, but it’s true and he’s missed. He was a GREAT role model in strange times.

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