Pit Bull Goes on a Rampage in a Barber Shop

From WPRI.com:

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – A large white pitbull has been quarantined at the Providence Animal Shelter, after it escaped from its home and bit three children, then busted into a barber shop and wreaked havoc.

According to police, the dog got out of a house located at 22 Suffolk Street around 6:30 p.m. Friday.

The owners of the dog, Octavio Taglirine and Lisa Silvio, told police that their dog got loose when their child opened a door.

“We’re very, very, very, very sorry. It wasn’t intentional. It was an accident. The dog lived with two kids, we don’t know what happened,” Octavio said.

After roaming around the neighborhood, the dog burst into L&J Barber Shop while chasing a person.

“Yea, it was scary here because we didn’t have nothing to hit the dog and he was trying to bite everybody here.” The incident was caught on camera.


  1. I saw more confusion than aggression from the dog. Everyone should have become quiet and remained still. One person should have gotten up and approached the dog and squatted down facing 90 degrees away from the dog so as to not be able to make as much threatening eye cotntact. extend a hand outward with the fingers curled downward almost making a fist so the dog can’t bite fingers, Let the dog sniff your hand, become friends, get a makeshift leash. You’ve just calmed and captured a panicked dog.

    1. While probably the best way to act, nobody’ll ever do it. Pit bulls are so misunderstood. I’ve met dozens who are all just like every other dog, except that they have a stronger bite. I dont expect anyone to respond to a situation like this in any calm way, so the best solution i can see is to prevent it. Socialize your dogs, keep an eye on them, and never abuse them. I’m glad to read that the dog was quarantined and not killed outright, and i hope nobody was seriously hurt.

    2. Are you people SERIOUS? Everyone should have just calmed down?! “Face the dog at a 90 degree angle”? The dog ran into the shop chasing a man and biting at him! He’s attacking all of them – one gets away and he goes after another – he INTENDS HARM when he grabs that poor kids leg on the counter. But it’s their fault. Totally.

    3. Maybe you should watch the video closer…look in the mirror as the dog runs in and then he runs straight to the guy running away. The dog was trying to bite the guy not play. This is not typical play behavior it is aggressive behavior, look at the hair on its neck and down it’s back. It does not matter what made the animal angry its behavior is not acceptable. The dog should have backed down after the guy in the white shirt stood up to the dog. The dog showed no deference to the people in the room only aggression. The dog was out of control and that is not acceptable behavior for any breed of dog.
      Holding hands and signing kumbaya is not going to calm the dog down.

    4. You’re saying the onus or responsibility lies with the people whom the dog attacked? Uhhh… sorry, you’re absolutely wrong.

      In our modern civilization we kind of take pride in the fact that we can go about our lives and commerce without the threat of sudden violent attack, whether from a criminal or a violent animal.

      The animal’s owners are 100% to blame; unfortunately, they will probably be financially ruined by this one episode — home insurance can cover one or two of the victims, but the remainder will be the proceeds from selling all of their worldly assets.

    1. They agitated rather than calming a frightened dog. And I can’t see the dog was really attacking anyone in this vid. I just saw humans working a dog up into a frenzy.

      1. Agreed, the dog looked like it was just wanted to play really, and was very excited. I’m surprised that no one in there seemed to have any experience of dogs at all.

      2. I suppose we don’t have the video of the 3 children the dig bit either. In my neighborhood, 2 pitbulls escaped from their backyard and tore several dogs (out on walks) to pieces. I have 2 dogs myself, but would never have a pitbull. This is one breed that should be banned for the safety of the innocent people around them that seem to be the ones that suffer. Most people who get these dogs just want to look like a badass.

      3. I have a lot of experience with dogs, and all your posts about it was just frightened and it just wanted to play are a load of moronic nonsense. The dog BIT THREE CHILDREN before it ran into the barber shop, remember? Those three kids were actually HURT. A dog who is playing only “play bites” – he can control the strength of his bite when playing. He may nip just a bit too hard if he’s young and inexperienced but he still doesn’t seriously bite down. Didn’t you see how that dog kept fixating on going after one person again and again? Didn’t you see how he kept going after one guy even when another guy was hitting him, and dragging him backwards away from the first guy by grabbing his tail? That is not playing, that is classic pit bull attack behavior; fixating on one target despite everything. Playing my aching ###.

      4. Successful troll is successful, 10/10, ok, now you can cut it out, seriously, why are dogs even allowed as pets?

        they are meant to run free in packs, not to live leashed and confined to a tiny apartment

    1. Did you miss the part 18 seconds in where the dog chases a man into the barber shop? Look at the mirror at the top of the screen. Rewind the video and watch the guy come in at the bottom of the screen. At 22 seconds in the dog tries to bite someone who is trying to get away from it.

    1. You get it. Dog is scared? You calm down the dog. What could be more obvious?
      Why did I get two down votes for posting my recommendations about how to calm a frightened dog?

      1. At a guess I’m thinking it’s because it’s a little unrealistic to expect people in a barbershop to react like trained dog handlers when a pit bull comes running into the store. I completely agree that the dog seems more confused than anything though though, it’s just the unfortunate result of a pet getting out into a world it’s not used to and people panicking.

  2. The pit bull in the vid is trying to play like a dog would play and these yahoos are freaking out b/c of the media/society calling ALL pits crazed killers. This is just agitating the dog and confusing it. Also, do we have proof that the dog bit anyone? Oftentimes, a dog will snap at another dog’s face (or humans) as an invite to play not as an agressive move. Let’s ban ignorant people before we ban pit bulls.

  3. If a random pitbull was running rampant around my workplace the last thing on my mind would be trying to calm it down. In a situtation like this, you really don’t have time to decided whether it’s being aggressive or playing. If it’s the later, that dog could really mess you up – fast.

    I don’t necessarily agree with pitbull bans, but if pet owners were more responsible for thier beloved pets, we wouldn’t need restrictions.

    1. that’s the problem these days. irresponsible owners turn an already powerful dog into an angry powerful dog. Sure, this dog went after these people, and sadly will probably be put to sleep when its all over, but the blame should rest upon the owners who allowed this to happen. I agree that the best response is to stay calm and remain unnoticed, but if i were actually there, I’d probably have gone right out the door.

  4. Wow, look at those folks panic. Guess that is the problem with life now days, as these people don’t have any experience with animals at all. They would probably panic if a squirrel ran in there. Seriously, dog started out fine, then got agitated. My 11 year old pitbull is bigger, and I could take him down in a flash.

    Wow. I feel bad for the dog in this case, as it has some neglectful owners. I know of my dogs high play drive, and have trained him to greet others with a chew toy. That way his mouth is busy when he gets excited, but not on a hand or finger (which he nibbles, doesn’t even hurt, it just seems like his excitement has a bearing on him chewing).

    I also feel bad for the people. Pretty soon our old” bed friend” will be alienated like all the rest of the animals, and we will not know how to deal/interact with them. Children are already concerned more with social media than nature. It will be a relationship of caution and superstition, until we destroy them just as we usually do with all the other things we fear/ do not understand.

    Pity the Pitty. It is just misunderstood, but we gas ’em like the Nazi’s did with the Ethnics.

    Way to go Ontario Provincial Govt. Time to see someone else in charge with the upcoming election.

  5. Lot of idiots in this thread. All your arguments fall apart if you put a child in the scenario. Some kids are afraid of dogs, is that their fault?

    Seriously, if you have to freeze so it doesn’t bite you… well, that dog has no place in society.

  6. Plenty of dogs get off their leash or escape the house or yard and don’t attack three children and several people in a barber shop. Even my mom’s dog has gotten out on several occasions and at most she’s only dug up a hole neighbor’s front yard.

    A dog who is scared or playful doesn’t act like this. Tail was up and stiff indicating aggression and confidence, not low and wagging to indicate it meant no harm. I love pit bulls too and have fought against breed specific legislation in my own town… but this pit’s owners have obviously not done their job as owners to make sure the pit was well socialized, and I’d even say they encouraged its behavior on more than one occasion. This dog was targeting people despite being hit, dragged, and kicked – I call BS on the owners not knowing why their dog would act this way.

  7. The dog *was* playing. He obviously had a bite inhibition issue. Many dogs when extremely excited/confused/aroused will nip. None of these men needed medical attention for their ‘bites’ if that dog wanted to do damage, he would have. Have you ever seen a dog ‘latch’ on? He’d have been latched on without letting go. He started his ‘rampage’ when he chased children riding bikes. He went into prey drive and nipped the children.
    The dog was highly aroused, but hardly vicious.
    And for the guy saying they have a stronger bite – scientists tested Rotti’s, German Shepherds and Pit Bulls for their Bite force per inch. Pit bulls came in last. They’re locking jaw is an urban myth.

  8. I live in a rural area where people seem to think owning Pit Bulls are the bomb. I never owned a gun until I moved here, now I own three. One to many attacks (and one death) by Pits Bulls in the county for me to feel safe walking my own dog at anytime of the day. If any dogs came rushing at me I’ve got no quandary about shooting said dog center mass. Yes I’m a licensed to carry a concealed weapon.

  9. Wow, who would have thought that recommending a peaceful and calm approach would have been so controversial? Do you really think things would have been worse if everyone remained quiet and calm? Suppose I am wrong and this dog really was the bloodthirsty killer many here think it was, What then? Well, you still have the option of resorting to force. But isn’t starting out calm and collected a better option?

    I still think this dog could have been calmed down and restrained peacefully. Maybe I’m wrong about this dog, but you cannot deny that trying to calm and restrain the dog is the best first option. If that fails, do something else.

    1. We seem to be in a minority on this one. I’ve never been so unpopular.
      I have to say I’m not a fan of these dogs, and have had trouble with them and my own spaniel before, and whilst I’ve managed to prevent my own dog being harmed, its usually involved a standoff which has been very scary. Having said that, I still don’t see the same behaviour from the dog in the video as I’ve seen first hand, looking me in the face.
      For the record: I’d like to see these animals banned.

    2. Yeah, I’m not sure what happened exactly. I think this discussion got linked somewhere else and most people passing through chose to hit thumbs up or thumbs down rather than just comment. Some of them seem to be flat out against pit-bulls, so maybe they thought you were defending the breed?
      I really don’t think it’s realistic to expect a bunch of people in a barbershop to be prepared to handle a scared dog though. Had the dog run into a dog grooming shop, totally, but any business not geared towards pets is pretty much a crap shoot as to whether or not you’re lucky enough to have even one person who can be calm in that situation, let alone knows how to handle a dog in a state of distress.

      1. Yea, just passing through and “hating the poor pitbull”, right. I have thumbed down all that defended the dog. What is wrong with you people? Really, what is wrong with you? The dog BIT THREE CHILDREN. The dog should die, and his owners should pay up money to the victims until the day they die. That is the only way this story must end.
        Are you seriously defending a vicious dog instead of defending children getting hurt?

      2. You’re being a bit extreme here. The dog bit people, yes, but it doesn’t seem to have injured anyone too severely. I’m inclined to think it doesn’t deserve to be vilified, it’s a pet that got loose into a world it wasn’t familiar with, not Hitler reincarnated. I’m all for making the owners pay for any and all medical costs, but saying they need to pay until the day they day is flat out ridiculous. There should be fines levied against them, and I’m sure there will be, but I don’t see why anyone would need to benefit financially.

  10. this dog should be put to sleep. no question about it. it could have killed a child or a person. It was clearly not playing. A dog that plays would put its front body down and butt up with tail wagging which = play.
    This dog should not be alive.
    Any dog regardless of breed that acts like this and attacks any human or child should be put to sleep immediately.

  11. I own two pitbulls before and most of my friends have one or two also. I know how they behave and that one was definitely attacking. Pitbulls play rough, real rough. If you are the owner its still ok for them to play bite but I would not ever let my friends’ pitbulls dare play bite with me. A friend of mine his uncle’s face got locked on with his pitbull’s jaw when they were playing, and no he was not hitting the dog or showing aggression. My pitbull, which I got rid of, was the nicest dog that would never hurt a shih tzu or even a kitten but she would turn blood thursty and extremely aggressive to a child on a bike. They were bred gamed bullies to fight in a pit and that is why they got the name pitbull.

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