TSA’s War on Afros Continues

From CBSLocal.com:

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas woman claims she was humiliated at an airport when TSA agents patted down her hair.

Isis Brantley was headed down an escalator at Hartsfield-Jackson International airport in Atlanta, after she was screened a the initial security checkpoint, when she says two TSA agents came after her asking to check her hair for explosives.

Brantley says the agents began patting down her large afro in public as she waited on a train platform.

She claims she was so embarrassed and couldn’t understand why they checked her again after her initial security screening. Brantley says she couldn’t believe it was happening to her. She says she wouldn’t have minded if the TSA did the hair pat-down at the security checkpoint. It was the public display that upset her.


  1. It’s too bad none of our various wars have been as successful as the September 11 attacks. Those terrorists just continue nailing us. Or I guess they set us in motion to continually nail ourselves.

  2. I saw a quote the other day: “I f you can hijack a plane with nothing but a nail clipper, you can hijack a plane even without a nail clipper.”

  3. My girlfriend has straight shoulder-length hair and we were on a plane a few months ago and she had it done up in a bun which they made her undo so they could check it for drugs. It was absolutely ridiculous.

    Still… I blame Amy Winehouse

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