Michelle Bachmann Says Food Industry Overregulated

The E. coli candidate:

A week after the Agriculture Department announced wider testing for potentially deadly E. coli in meat, Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said Tuesday that regulations were overburdening food producers.

Bachmann visited a 140-year-old, family-run meatpacking plant in Des Moines and took a turn at cutting ribeye steaks in a chilly meat locker as she pushed back against regulations for food makers and other businesses. She did not call for the repeal of any specific rules.


  1. Yet another e. coli conservative.

    Why don’t they start putting pictures of bloody diarrhea on their campaign posters? It would make sense.

    1. There is more than enough shit in the average hot dog to last me at least a week or two. But I guess she can afford the fancy all beef kind with drastically reduced fecal matter.

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