1. “Because the only way we can beat China is to make sure our workers are as impoverished, exploited, chewed up and discarded as theirs are. USA! USA! USA!”

    1. I don’t think it has anything to do with the USA or China per se. I think it has to do with the capitalist system that makes it necessary to out-exploit your competition or become irrelevant.

  2. The funny thing is that 90% of the people that watch FOX news are the blue-collars that will get the shitty end of the stick if all that took place.

  3. I’m not saying I support this idea, I can imagine how it could go horribly wrong, but it’s being taken out of context. It’s not Fox’s idea and it’s not new. It was proposed a quarter century ago by Congressman Jack Kemp and re-examined by economist Arthur Laffer and African-American columnist Star Parker. The idea is not to have abolish these rules for the whole country but to establish specific Enterprise Zones in the poorest neighborhoods to promote jobs and economic growth. It’s an interesting idea on a hypothetical level but pointless to try to pass it into law. The unions would see it as job stealing and organize strikes and protest and I don’t think most people in the general public would support it either. Even if a law like this expired after a set time, the Bush tax cuts and the Patriot Act would have left a feeling of mistrust over laws that expire.

  4. By making an Enterprise zone with no minimum wage and no protections of employees you’re not doing poor neighborhoods a favor. In a lot of places minimum wage is below a living wage. How’s that going to bring anyone out of poverty? It actually going to compound the poverty.

    1. Plus we can have a return of the ‘company store’ system! So long as you graciously work for the company you can stay in their housing for a modest fee, and get your goods from their supplier. Only a little compounded interest. 16 tons….

  5. Max Weber said that the rise of the salary paid over production tends to make the worker produce less and try to achieve its regular consuption through less effort. On the other side, he said, the existance of a salary that falls behind the necessities of the worker leads to a “selection of incompetents” – the quality of the work diminishes. There is only one alternative: to make the worker interested part in the company, through stakeshare.

  6. So going backwards through history to the 20s didn’t work out very well. Once again, Florida has all this half-developed real estate sitting around and the economy went to hell. As you can see from this list, the solution is to return to the 19th century. Work houses and debtor’s prisons are going to clear this whole mess up, don’t worry! I, for one, look forward to my new career as a mill girl, or perhaps a return to my ancestral homeland to farm potatoes.

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