1. Here’s my hotel story: when I was 20-21 I was working as a housekeeper at a Best Western in my home town. They held the big New Year’s Eve party each year and I was scheduled to work on New Year’s Day. Normally we’d have 15-20 rooms to clean per day, with about 70% being trashed (I think my hourly pay was $5 something….this was a while ago). Anyway, it had obviously been a busy day on New Year’s due to the partying that had gone on the night before; all the rooms I had took a lot longer to clean. Then I came to the last room of the day. I opened the door and you could barely see the floor due to all the food, crumbs, garbage, etc. The table & nightstands were piled with dishes, garbage & leftover breakfast and syrup was poured everywhere. The mattresses were askew, blankets everywhere and as an added bonus, someone had taken their breakfast (eggs, pancakes & more syrup!) and flung it up in the air on to the beds. My guess is they did this while jumping up & down on the bed.
    So after that horror, I go in to check the bathroom. There is about a half inch of water on the floor and sink, toilet paper strewn around, the sink is black from dirt and of course the toilet is not flushed. I swung back the shower curtain and the tub had a huge black ring of dirt around it and a huge pile of soaking wet towels that were a strange color of gray (they were supposed to be white).

    It took a few hours to clean that room. At one point my boss had come in to view it and said “oh wow, this one’s a mess” and then left. She didn’t bother to help or have anyone else come up to help. Needless to say, when I clocked out that night I also told my boss I wasn’t coming back. Ever….

  2. Click on “view the rest of the comments” and stick to the top-tier. There are some epic fables in there!

    I’ve only had the usual: 6 guys with 2 hookers; beer bongs that must have held an entire case; drunk assholes getting their entire group evicted with a 40 mile taxi ride to the nearest vacant hotel.

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