Netflix Rebrands Service with Shitty New Name

Sounds like a desperation move:

(CNN) — The ubiquitous red envelopes will endure, but they will carry a new name.

Netflix is rebranding its 12-year-old movies-by-mail service as Qwikster and adding video games to its catalog, Reed Hastings, the company’s CEO, announced Sunday night. The Web-streaming portion will continue to be called Netflix, he wrote on the company’s blog.

After the separation, people who subscribe to both services will have to log into two separate websites, and, to manage their movie queues and account information, Hastings wrote. Customer reviews and ratings from Netflix will be ported to Qwikster for the launch, but after that, people will have to rate and search for movies on each site separately, he wrote.

Qwikster’s site currently presents a landing page that says it is “launching soon.” Hastings did not offer a timeline for Qwikster’s debut. Andy Rendich, the operations chief and 12-year veteran of the company, will run the new mail-order arm.

So Netflix dvd renters will now have to sign in at a different site before they eventually sell the service off? I’m so not regretting dropping them when they raised prices.


  1. I got their email explaining this to me. My first thought was Quickster – that’s the best they could come up with? Shittiest name I’ve heard in a while. It’s obvious they plan to sell off the business, otherwise why not keep NetFlix in the name since it has name recognition.

  2. Sorry about the way we worded that email! To make it up to you, we’re making you deal with two separate companies!

    It worries me that the service they spun off was the part that worked well. I’d better start watching Doctor Who DVDs at a faster rate, because that is my main reason for still keeping it Quickster or Qwikster or however you’re supposed to spell that. What a mess.

  3. I siphoned netflix off my sister’s account so it was free to me, but I’m glad she canceled it anyway. How much does a company have to screw up when I’m glad to lose their service I wasn’t paying for? Maybe I’m hyper spiteful.

  4. Oh, gee, that’s real clever Quik/flix. Now when you raise prices on your services one at a time NO ONE will realize that it’s really the same company raising prices at double the pace. We won’t notice; we’re just mindless drones, right?

      1. My mother was grumpy about it for a few days, but she kept both plans (I ditched them, BTW). I think it will be older people and less web-savy people that keep it. Netflix/Quikster will become the AOL of video services.

  5. if they’re looking to include game rental in the Quickster crap and actually deliver faster than Gamefly they might have a chance at some success. But it looks like they’ve already alienated their customer base.

  6. My first thought was what a dumb name too! I picture the Netflix CEO sitting at the computer, ready to send out their email and realizing they never named the new company and just typed in the first thing he thought of. It’s horrible!

  7. no doubt you’ll delete this, but ga, you can be such a db. first world problems.. a company is doing what it can to offset costs. but fancy chris can’t manage $10 or $20 bucks for all-you-can-eat video?

    1. 1. Why would I delete this?

      2. I never claimed this was the same as the Rwandan Genocide. But this is a blog where we deal with all sorts of issues and I think a company that has taken the good will from their customers and totally destroyed it in less than a month is noteworthy.

      3. Fancy Chris??

      1. Fancy Chris with his recreational vegetable garden, luxuriously fluffy cat and free time to read books. I feel sick just thinking about what a fancy pants McGee you are. Look at me, my name’s Chris, I own more than one pair of shoes for different occasions, I often eat food that isn’t a type of hotpocket, I think I’m such a big shot. Imagining the smug look on your face when you drink your precious coffee out of your fancy mug is enough to drive a man to rage.

      2. I must respectfully decline. As much as I despise your decadent yankee ways I respect your dedication to the great art of blogging awesome stuff too much to assume I could fill even a single pair of your ostentatious name branded shoes, even if said footwear should contain the much vaunted pump to increase the snugness of the fit which capitalist swine so crave. Even for a week I don’t dare imagine I could offer a reasonable substitute for the unique high quality blend of cats, politician mockery and shocking stories of TSA incompetence that the readers of Cynical-C have come to expect.

  8. …can I call you FancyChris from now on?

    I was okay with the price changes, honestly. I downgraded by service from 2 dvds at a time to 1 dvd + streaming, but I was okay with it. I understand why they had to change the prices, and I wasn’t angry. BUT, the main reason why I liked Netflix was the convenience. I could easily browse for movies, rate what I liked once, save my place in streamed video, and all of this happened on one site. I’m unhappy with the change because it’s rather inconvenient, and it means that I probably won’t maintain both streaming and dvd services. I can’t imagine why they would break up their services, it seems like such a bad idea.

  9. Honestly, I can understand why they are distancing themselves from the Netflix mail service. The United States Postal Service may not be delivering anything in the near future and if they do, expect a huge jump in postal rates. Top that off with competition from Red Box and the mail order portion of their business is a drain.
    If it was my call, I’d kick the mail order portion of that business to the curb faster than you can say “USPS delivers 3 days a week”.

    1. I’ve got to say something about the U.S. postal service here. I think it’s insane when people complain about the price of postage, particularly since people rarely mail anything anymore so it’s hard for them to get economies of scale. What if someone came to you and said “I’ll deliver something for you. I’ll pick it up at your house, take it across the country and deliver it to the receiver’s house. It’ll be there in a couple of days.” What would you expect to pay for that service? Certainly NOT 50 fucking cents! You can’t buy a bottle of tap water for 50 fucking cents! Some people will complain about anything.

  10. So they’re killing off DVD by mail? That’s kind of lame. The big appeal of Netflix for me was that it was a one stop movie shop (as long as it was a region 1 release). If something was streaming, neat, but as long as I could get the DVD I was happy. Now I can go with some new and poorly named DVD by mail service, taking a chance that it won’t live up to the same quality and customer service Netflix offered, or I can pay to stream and just hope the stuff I want is up there. With Netflix, if I needed to order the DVD of whatever I wanted to watch I could always stream something else in the meantime. It’s really kept me from pirating a lot of things, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  11. It’s clear to me that Netflix wants to sell off the DVD-by-mail portion of the biz, and making it a completely separate company AND giving it a non-Netflix name eliminates a lot of legal issues they’d have otherwise. Who knows? Maybe they’ll sell their DVD inventory to Redbox and call it a day.

    I’d drop the DVD service entirely, but sometimes the volume is so low on the streaming that I have to get the DVD because it’ll have subtitles.

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