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What’s your favorite job search website?

I’m employed (at the moment at least) so it’s been some time since I went looking for work online. From what I have seen lately, it looks like is the big one right now. Monster looks like it’s about 80% ads.

A friend mentioned although it looks to be geared more for volunteer work.


  1. As a programmer, I’ve had good luck with But the last couple of times I’ve had to use it, it hasn’t put me in touch with any employers directly. I’ll list my resume and then a flood of headhunters will contact me on behalf of their clients. Still, it gets me jobs.

  2. I found my current and previous jobs through temp agencies (office). Much more convenient than using Monster, which, I agree is mostly ads. It’s harder and harder to actually get IN to your resume on that site anymore. I do check Craigslist, but then again I never trust those.

  3. I’ve been working as a temp for a while, and I really prefer that to looking for a job myself. Instead, a nice lady downtown looks for work for me. I actually have an interview tomorrow, which I also hate doing, but at least I didn’t have to find this job myself. Plus, I’ve had five months to get to know everybody here, so I have a foot in the door at least.

  4. I used hotjobs and monster back in the day, though now employment in my industry is clearly dictated through headhunters. Come to think of it, the only job I ever got through was a position that couldnt keep one person for very long since the company was morally bankrupt and the boss who ran the team was a huge asshole.

    1. Did you also work for Metro Communications, Inc? The worst job I’ve ever had came from Monster. That company took pride in how poorly they treated their employees. But then they shut down due to illegal and unethical practices.

      1. haha nah it was the advertising force behind an accounting group that was non-profit. I walked out of there when AIG tanked and thousands of people were being laid off. I’d rather risk bankruptcy than work for them.

  5. Texas Workforce Solutions is pretty cool. but you have to meet special conditions to be able to log in there. I wish I never met those conditions.

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