1. [Not a caption] Are there a bunch of non-christians doing these pictures as a joke? They seem just so awfully tasteless or ridiculous it’s hard to believe they are done by a believer with any sense at all (ah, but maybe that’s is…).

  2. I can’t decide whether this Jesus looks more gay (very) or more satanic. @Rich, I’m sure it was done by those who loudly proclaim themselves to be Christian while also proclaiming that we shouldn’t feed the hungry, house the homeless, or care for this sick, because it’s their own darned fault they don’t have any money. Let somebody else do it, or let them die (per applause and cheers at the latest Republican debate).

  3. “What happens when the messiah says “no” to Heaven but “Yes!” to raisin’ a little Hell? Coming next season to NBC: Alec Balwin IS Jesus in “My Holy Hell Father!””

    (I think he looks like Alec Baldwin)

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