1. Ron Paul never directly answered the question (because he knows it would kill his candidacy), but the implication was clear: let the sucker die. The crowd only said what he was thinking.

      You see, to him the only charity which is acceptable is from the Church. That’s because he’s a Dominionist, and for him the Church is the only legitimate government… He’s not really against Government. He’s really against Secular Government.

  1. Conservatives == death cult.

    Every problem can be solved by killing people in another country, killing people in prisons here, and letting poor people die.

  2. Paul went on to suggest that churches could cover medical expenses for the uninsured. He didn’t come right out and say “let them die,” but he did basically say “let someone else take care of them.”

    But yeah, all those Christians in the crowd cheering for people’s death. Clearly they’ve never been laid off or had their savings wiped out by a medical emergency. It’s so easy for them to dismiss anyone who is uninsured as an irresponsible parasite. It’s just like that story from the Bible where he came upon a leprous beggar and said, “Sucks for you, asshole.”

  3. Blitzer’s question was fallacious to begin with. Very few of the uninsured are so by choice. Most people who have good jobs and good salaries also have health insurance through their employers.

    It’s the under-employed, the unemployed and the struggling self-employed who are usually also un-insured.

    It was a rhetorical question designed to give cover to the “libertarians” for their anti-human views.

  4. I don’t know …where I live, there are an awful lot of working people whose employers do not offer health insurance, or the rates are, like 50% of their paycheck, which is prohibitive. I’ve worked those jobs. Now I’m self-employed, in my 50s, and there’s no way I can afford private health insurance.

    My husband (who is on Medicare) wants me to get a checkup. He argues that we can afford the few hundred for a thorough checkup, and he’s right. BUT what I really don’t want to discuss with him, because he hasn’t thought about it, is …what if they find something? I would never be able to get insurance afterward. It’s better to not know.

    1. And that is the sad, honest truth for a LOT of Americans. I’m lucky in that I served in the Army and am now able to get medical care through a VA hospital that actually has a Womens Care department.

      Most Americans are in your situation, Miss C. And it’s pathetic and deplorable that so many still expect “let charity pay for it” or “let ’em die” as an end result.

      In my opinion, the government’s job is to provide security, infrastructure and services to its people in exchange for their tax money and other contributions to the economy. There’s no reason that one of the richest countries in the world can’t offer some basic services/protections in the realm of health care.

    2. And the other problem, of course, is that people with coverage are often denied it due to some loophole in the plan (thinking of Michael Moore’s Sicko here).

  5. When I was reading a book by Primo Levi the other day this quote especially stuck out for me:
    “A country is considered the more civilised the more the wisdom and efficiency of its laws hinder a weak man from becoming too weak and a powerful one too powerful.”
    as I’ve always considered one of the tenets of ‘civilisation’ as it were, to be that of a society which doesn’t let it’s people who are ill or dying be left to struggle unaided and unprovded for. It seems to be that way for all those unemployed etc. in America who can’t afford medical insurance.

  6. Got in argument on Facebook yesterday after I posted a story of 24 year old unemployed man who died from a tooth infection that went to his brain. The other person tried to say “Well if they were so bad, why weren’t they on assistance.” Clearly those people have never tried to get on government healthcare while being young, single or married with no kids.

  7. But the tee-up was about a person who had a good job, made good money, but decided to take the risk of not paying for health insurance because he was healthy. Totally different question than asking if we should care for those who can’t take care of themselves.
    If I have a nice car, but decide not to insure it because I want to take the risk, then total the car in an accident – should I expect the government and taxpayers to pay for my new car? No way – I’m fucked and I deserved it out of plain stupidity.

  8. In Ron Paul’s America, the rich and the poor alike have the freedom to be uninsured.

    (Adapted from Anatole France’s comment, “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich and the poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.” )

  9. People seem to have the impression that with insurance, medical issues aren’t a financial burden. My policy pays 80% (after I pay the deductible, of course). Say I needed open heart surgery. My out of pocket expense would be well into the tens of thousands. Even with my insurance, I’d still be screwed, and might need some kind of assistance to make ends meet. I’m lucky – I’m single with no dependents. Someone supporting a family could very well wind up destitute.
    It’s not just “lowlifes” and people that are “too cheap to buy insurance” that need health care reform. I’m sure a lot of those people cheering in the audience would be in the same situation in a major medical emergency. They should be careful what they wish for.

  10. Does the concept of “empathy” have any meaning to Republicans? Anyway, most insurance cover only 80% of the costs (at least mine did), which sounds like a lot until you take into account the high medical costs.

  11. My favorite part is how Ron Paul says that in a socialist country, the man expects the government to pay and what happened to our sense of self-responsibility? Then, he turns around and says that the hospital doesn’t turn people away and the churches, friends, and neighbors help out. But, wait: what happened to the injured man’s sense of SELF-responsibility when it’s the CHURCH, THE HOSPITAL, THE FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND NEIGHBORS are the ones helping him out?

    Sounds to me like the tea party is really about “don’t make me pay taxes to help him out, I’d rather he die than have my money spent on that”, and the claim that it’s “about personal responsibility” is a red herring meant to get what they want: low taxes.

    1. That “screw you, Jack. I got mine!” philosophy will be the death of America far faster than any terrorist attack. When did pooling your money for a group’s benefit become “OMG teh Socialism! Which is the same as Communism!”?

  12. The example given was a guy in the hospital in a coma for 6 months. By estimates, that would cost about $500,000 to $1,000,000 (I’m not in the healthcare industry, so someone correct me if I’m way off).
    So Ron Paul is saying that a church should pick up the million-dollar tab for ONE uninsured person in an unfortunate situation? I know the churches around here don’t have that kind of cash laying around. If they did they’d blow it on mission trips.

  13. The backwards health care system in the US is astounding. The politicians cry that privatization would balloon costs, yet it’s already by far the most inefficient, expensive system in the world.

    Look at e.g. the health care systems in Germany and Spain. Basic health care is free for serious illnesses, some checkups (prevention), and accidents. You pay about $10 per quarter for your first doctor visit should you decide to go (amazing way to stop hypochondriacs from overrunning the system). If you want, you can get private insurance on top which allows you to go to private hospitals (if the rich want to pay, great – it takes a burden off the public system). But at least people know that they won’t lose their homes and life savings simply because they were hit by a car or developed some random genetic illness.

    1. We have to stop saying it is “free” because it is tax-payer paid. But what’s important is that it is NON-profit based. That’s what’s the problem is in the U.S. A HUGE amount of money is going to a middle-man that takes out an average of 20-30% profit for themselves. For doing what the what Medicare pays 3%.

  14. My sister died as a direct result of not having health insurance. She was 48. A few months before her death, she went to the doctor with swollen ankles. The doctor told her (later we all discovered) she needed expensive tests. But because she didn’t have health insurance, she told him she couldn’t afford them. She wasn’t working because her older [70’s] husband lost both of his legs due to a rare medical condition which resulted in his losing both of his legs. She didn’t want to see him go into a nursing home. So she quit her job [as a nursing home aid] to take care of him. He had medical care through the VA and Medicare, but she didn’t. The doctor sent her home with a Rx for diuretics. Her husband found her dead in her sleep a few months later. Ironically, he outlived her another five years — even though he shouldn’t have lived for one year [he lived for about ten years just with her nursing him]. He lived to be almost twice her age because of the VA and then Medicare. My sister was proud and frugal and didn’t like asking anyone for help. But she would have gotten help from a government program. It’s people like her who are dying because of asshole libertarians in this country.

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