1. I have now witnessed a grand total of one minute, fifty-six seconds of Kristin Stewart’s acting. So, thanks for that.

    “What are you looking at? Are you talking to an invisible bug? Because you are.”

  2. That was hilarious. It’s amazing the power we’ve given to people who pretend to be other people. And the link to baby gorilla? Made it all worthwhile.

  3. And to think, the New York Times once said of her: “At 19 Ms. Stewart is considered one of the most promising actresses of her generation”, while Sean Penn called her “a truth machine…magically easy to direct. She is a real force with terrific instincts.”

    She stinks and I don’t like her.

    1. I watched in her in “Runaways” and had total cognitive dissonance afterwards. “What? That’s the same chick from those crappy Twilight movies?”

  4. I am a hardcore materialist non-woo type, but I believe we can control our moods by how we speak. When I am tense or angry my voice goes up a minor third to a fifth in pitch. I also make Stewart’s little half gasp. I find that If I stand up straight, throw my shoulders back and speak from the diaphragm at an octave lower than that high fifth, not only does my heart rate slow, but people do what I say.

    I understand this works even better for women. The shoulders back pitch drop makes men into little boys chastised by their mammas.

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