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If google disappeared today, what services from it would you really, really miss?

Searching, obviously. Gmail. Google reader. Oh, Google Docs. YouTube. Google analytics. I really wouldn’t miss Google + all that much if I’m being honest. I use that as an afterthought really. Oh, google maps! Those are my first thoughts although I’m certainly missing a few.


  1. Youtube. Maps. Docs. Those missing would alter my life.

    The ones that aren’t so important but I’d still miss:
    Trends. Autocomplete on searches. Seriously, type in “sarah palin is a” and google offers you “moron, joke, retard, liar, dumbass.” It’s like looking into the bucket of truth.

  2. I’d miss Google Earth. When my hubby was a long haul trucker, it came in really handy helping to find restaurants, motels and such at a glance. Plus, it was fun to ‘follow’ him visually on the road while we chatted on the phone.

  3. google maps for sure, it helps me find subway stops when i’m out and about. plus looking at the ocean on google maps is cool, and I can see places and streets on islands I’ll probably never be able to visit.

  4. Oh my – I’d miss the internet as I know it. Gmail (been using it for 7 years), Google Maps (they have the best navigation smarts, and terrain view, which I use planning hikes, and “my maps” which I use a lot), Picasa (tens of thousands of photos organized with it), Chrome, Google Earth, Google Books, Google News, Google Analytics.

    I’d miss a lot. (and I’m surely forgetting some)

  5. Gmail, maps, youtube, search. I’d miss Google+ in principle. I just don’t want Facebook to have that stranglehold on the social network market, so I’ve been posting exclusively to Google+, but nobody else is.

    1. I’d miss putting random words into image search and seeing what comes out. The maps are useful as are the SMS text message searches (paying for cell phone Internet by-the-minute adds up really fast).

  6. I already switched to Bing (seems to return more scholarly results) so I wouldn’t miss searching. But I would really miss YouTube. I don’t use any other Google product to speak of.

  7. Google Translate. I use it all the time to get the gist of what my Swedish cousins are Facebooking about. I know there are other options out there, but it’s fast and easy.

    Gmail, Maps, Calendar, Docs. I love the integration…even though it kind of freaks me out, it is super convenient.

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