1. Wait! They’re going to tax Ronald Reagan?! He’s dead. They want to tax the dead!!! Flee! Flee for the hills! Aaaaaaaauuuugggghhhhhh!!!

  2. I’m saddened that people clapped. But W beat Richards partly on the promise he would kill more people. I’m convinced this country became unsalvagable after we Texans let you down and let W beat the incumbent Richards in 1994. I am so sorry.

    And Perry just plain interfered with the investigation that would have saved Todd Willingham from execution. Of course some will point out how Willingham cussed out his wife on camera. So what? Just because you curse the woman who stood by you during your initial trial and supported you until about a year before the execution doesn’t prove you’re guilty. It’s exactly what an innocent man would do.

    Willingham was convicted of killing his children in an arson. Rick Perry claims to be able to influence God by praying for rain, He claimed he could fix our state’s deficit by prayer, even when he knowingly created this deficit, He has padded our budget with IOU’s that won;t come due until his successor takes office and uses the Rainy Day reserve to make the books a little more balanced even when Ike, the second most property damaging storm since reliable records have been kept smacked us hard.

    Perry is a stone cold killer with no respect for human life. We had an awesome candidate running against him last election, Bill White, former Mayor of Houston, toughened by the Katrina refugee crisis, wise student of the Rita debacle, and warrior against Ike.

    Sorry we screwed up in 94. Texas still has at least a little cool. And it’s not all just in Austin. Houston has a gay mayor and is the largest city in the world to have ever had a gay mayor.

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