1. Can the government manage social security effectively? “No, it’s incompetent.” Can it manage the health care system? “No way. Incompetent.” What about education, tax policy, and addressing poverty? “No, way government sucks and can do nothing properly because it’s way too big and bureaucratic.”

    Well then shouldn’t we not want that incompetent government overseeing the murder of its citizens? Doesn’t that introduce a huge risk of mistakes, corruption, and wrongful executions? “No way, that process is flawless, just like how we never make mistakes in war or torturing moslems!”

    1. Very insightful.
      Rick Perry’s wanting to go to Washington to ‘fix’ the Country is a big admission that government failure is a big issue – except when it comes to executions in Texas of course.

    1. Right! And its good to see fine Christian leaders like Perry following Jesus’ example – who as we all know, COMPLETELY supported the “eye for an eye” version of justice.

      1. No doubt! Jesus would be first in line to flip the switch on the electric chair. If that’s not the true love of God, I don’t know what is.

  2. They hate bureaucracy but trust the government to kill off alleged criminals. The only consistency in conservative ideology is an overwhelming fear that someone is coming to take their stuff.

  3. God called down from the mountain
    God called down from the sky
    He said – I told you, I told you, I told you
    Don’t kill! Don’t kill! Don’t kill!
    Don’t kill for loving.
    Please don’t kill for hate
    Don’t kill in my name
    Don’t kill for heaven’s sake
    Don’t kill! Don’t kill! Don’t kill!
    Once again you didn’t understand me
    You disobeyed from all I can detect
    From what I remember I did more than ask you
    I commanded it from what I recollect
    Thou Shalt, Thou Shalt, Thou Shalt
    What part of Thou Shalt Not Kill don’t you understand?
    Was it the Thou part that threw you?
    Thou means YOU
    Was it the Shalt Not part that confused you?
    Shalt Not means DON’T
    Don’t kill! Don’t kill! Don’t kill!
    There are no divine sanctioned murders
    Who’d know better than me?
    I’m God
    How come you don’t hear me?
    I’ve been saying the same shit for centuries
    You say it’s me that you worship
    All you Christians, you Muslims, and you Jews
    I’m going to say it again one more time
    Don’t kill your neighbors
    Jesus Christ this shouldn’t be news
    Don’t kill! Don’t kill! Don’t kill!
    (I thought I etched this in stone)

  4. Scary Perry can talk the talk and walk the walk but he is nothing but a joke. He is George W.’s twin brother. They can play him like a puppet because Scary Perry has no clue. Texas has released lots of men off death row (after serving many years) because they were proven to be innocent. The last man that was released from death row, just recently, was fortunate to have the DNA on the victim proven not to be his. The best politicians from Texas were Barbara Jordan and Ann Richards. Both of them cared about what was best for everyone, not just the rich.

  5. The thought of another Texan in the White House is really scary. This guy is better-looking than Bush, better spoken, but (it gags me to say it), he’s not as smart as Bush.

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