Washington D.C. Metro Bus Driver Throwing Off Passenger

From The Consumerist:

A bus driver for Washington, D.C.’s Metro service could be in some hot water with his superiors after he was caught on video forcibly removing a passenger from his bus over the weekend.

The video is below and while the sound isn’t the best, the passenger seemed to be saying that he will get off at the next stop, while the driver insists that he’s getting off the bus right now.

Apparently wishing to be done with the matter, the driver then grabs the passenger, forces him through the door and onto the street.

A Metro spokesman called the driver’s actions “completely inappropriate” and said should have contacted Metro Transit Police to deal with an unruly passenger.


  1. Years ago I was riding the 21 bus in Minneapolis (an infamous route) on my way home from work about 1AM. There was only one other passenger, a drunk, fully blotto.

    All of a sudden the driver let out a yell & slammed on the breaks. I looked back in time to see the drunk tumbling out the back door. I asked wtf? The driver said he looked in the mirror and saw the guy pissing in the stairwell, he hit the breaks & hit the door button. I imagine the drunk got f’ed up from the fall, I sorta felt bad for him.

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