1. The last time Mr. & Mrs. Cornjob were in Vegas, we found $300 in Australian money under the mat within our room safe. The Bellagio was the only casino that could convert it over to US dollars. (Yes, we gambled about $50 of it away between us.) The rest we gave out to the homeless folks panhandling out on the Strip. So, if that was your 300 Aussie bucks, sorry. 🙂 HOPEFULLY… some family got a decent meal out of our accidental discovery.

    1. It was mine…

      On a similar note, Canada begins issuing new money in a few months, based on the plastic money from Australia. The new $100 comes out in November, and the $50 in March. The new stuff is only vulnerable to fire. It’s washable, unrippable, and a bitch to counterfeit (considering you can only get the raw materials from Australia)

      Colors are staying the same. Feel free to continue referring to it as “Monopoly money”

  2. You can find long lists of default passwords on the internet for various pieces of software and equipment. Very useful for getting into stuff.

  3. I worked in a hotel for years, and I can tell you that every safe in every hotel room has a default password, all zeros or otherwise. You always need a way to break in when someone has forgotten their password, or else you’d have morons on youtube accusing hotels of stealing from them by not providing a default password.

    I can’t speak for all of those people who who have had things stolen from rooms- the place where I worked did lock audits any time someone said something had been stolen, and 100% of the time it turned out that people had forgotten that they had put their money in their pocket/coat/pants/luggage/lover’s anus. Any hotel that has a card for a key can do this, and the maids/maintenance/security people all know that.

    The best security tip I can give out is that you put your valuables inside your luggage. Not in the front pocket, not in a flap, not on top. Bury it in the middle of your clothing, and lock the bag. Most maids are paid by the number of rooms cleaned, and they are not going to take the time to go through your crap on the off chance that you have enough cash to make her time lost and job loss worth it.

    Also, stop traveling with more than $100 in cash- use your credit card, and carry a valid back-up card. You get better exchange deals on international travel, and if your card is lost/stolen, you have some recourse. /hotel rant

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