An Experiment

I think the most common complaint I receive is about the advertising. People hate ads. I’ve tried to keep them as unobtrusive as possible (i.e. no popups, no ads pretending to be posts, etc) but I still get complaints about certain ads or people heralding adblock as a solution. The problem is that this site costs me money to operate which has been covered for the most part by those villainous ads.

I have asked some of those people who have complained what a better solution would be. Most of them have suggested a donation system to support the site. I have no idea if it is realistic to cover the site expenses by donations alone. But I’m open to giving it a try. I created a donate button on the right under site info. If Cynics are generous enough to support this site through donations, I will start scaling back the advertising.

Also, if you have any suggestions about how I could improve the site, (guest bloggers, more contests, more Bachmann!) please use this thread to rant.