• Mike K

    These are the people that will be running the country in a decade or so. Sleep on that!

    • jimmy

      Not my country 🙂

  • beatnikhusker

    I can’t wait for the 1st Batmanning FAIL video… I can almost see the face planting now… oh… and the glorious, bloody mouthfuls of broken teeth! I love the internetz!

  • I’ll just wait for the news that someone attempted this on a highway overpass.

  • Beware the bored college kid…

  • Zorbo

    THIS is what balconys were invented for.

  • Methinks it will take a lot less time for someone to die doing this than it did for planking.

  • Not recommended for fat people.

    • LL

      And that’s why this will never catch on today.