1. You can say that again.

    Imagine that you’ve worked professionally at something for several years, but you need to have some Governing Body (i.e. a secondary institution) tell a Bureaucratic Body that you’re qualified for something. To do that, you have to sit through classes that are beyond redundant, because they assume you are a neophyte, when in fact you have YEARS OF ACTUAL, ON-THE-JOB professional experience. When you mention this to people, they say that no accommodations will be made and you must sit through four hours of tedious, useless classes one night a week for 16 weeks.

    Oh, and the textbooks are custom-printed and are bound incorrectly, so they fall apart.

  2. I will kill it. No matter what it is. Although I think I know what it is, be glad you will never be that, your life will be super dupery much betters. I can only wish you the best and offer to kill. KILL. Better to look now than later 🙂

  3. Step-sister bought a car a couple weeks ago for university. ’88 Escort hatchback, only 146k km (90k mi) in absolutely pristine condition. One original owner, probably parked it on carpet, as old men tend to do.

    Anyways, she called me a week ago because while the car was running, none of the electrics would work (signals, fuel gauge, etc) Figured out the ignition wouldn’t spring all the way back to Run from Start. Meh, it’s old and worn, do it by hand…

    Then a few days later the key wouldn’t turn to Start at all. Worked the first try for me, but the car ran a bit rough. Prolly needs a fuel filter. Then yesterday the key wouldn’t go in at all at a gas station. OK, drive over there, key works for me. Had enough, so I swapped out the ignition cylinder and the fuel filter last night. Road tested it out on the highway, ran like a champ.

    Today the transmission shit the bed… Any gear acts like Neutral. Drive over there, push the car a block to a parking lot, Check the tranny fluid, it’s a bit low. Drive over to get ATF, put it in, no change. Arrange for towing and find a guy who knows a guy who can look at it for cheap. Just wait, it’ll be a $1000 bill for a $1000 car

    At least my stepsister is cute. Got props from a coworker who saw me pushing a hottie’s car.

  4. Damn, must be a day infection. Mine is is not well either.

    My started with the discovery of termites and is headed towards a vet call.
    The signs are not good.

    I hope your day improves, Chris.

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