• kellyjeanne

    I love the nonchalant, “I’m just coming out of my box” exit. La La La.

  • McGee

    If that’s a place of employment, I must work there.

  • Swampper

    Hope the white cat isn’t litigious.

  • Would you stop moving!? I’m trying to explain quantum entanglement to Mufasa over here!

  • Piri

    Based on the furniture in the room and the “lion” grooming, I’m guessing this is one of Japan’s cat cafes.

    • Cat cafes? Why didn’t anyone tell me these existed?? I use the cat adoption room at Petsmart in much the same way.

      • Piri

        LOL I go in there to give the kitties love whenever I’m near Petsmart, even though I have a kitty at home and can’t bring home another at the moment.
        I came SO close to bringing home a grey shorthair named Darwin last Christmas who was upset he was left alone for 72 hours every week so he took down the Christmas tree twice. So handsome!