Hurricane Irene Thread

We’re about as prepared as we can be. I bought some extra candles (shut up) and supplies. D batteries are harder to find in the store right now than Mike Tyson’s Punchout was in 1987.

The only thing I have left to do really is to head out to the garden and pick anything that has started to ripen. I’ll leave whatever is green left to fend for themselves.

How are you Eastern seabord Cynics holding up?


The pre-hurricane harvest.

Today’s not a good day to buy a new flashlight.

A list of nuclear plants in Irene’s path.

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Some sad news from Dani:

Hey Chris,

We just lost our beloved Magnus Cat this month at just 4 yoa. A good image and brief synopsis is here on our blog:

We spent the week calling and searching. Yesterday my neighbor found him, and he’d been hit by a car. I carried him home and we buried him next to his sister who died in 2008.

He was a people cat, and we loved him beyond all measure. I’d be honored if you’d share his image. He even had his own face book page:

We miss him so much and were hoping you might make him your guest cat, in memoriam.

Thank you!


IN GOPer: I Just Talked About Baseball With The Young Man I Solicited On Craigslist

From Talking Points Memo:

State Rep. Phillip Hinkle, the anti-gay marriage Indiana Republican accused of offering to pay a young man he met over Craigslist for “a good time,” admits that he paid the man but contends that they didn’t do anything illicit — they just talked about “baseball and the view.”

Earlier this week, Hinkle said that despite calls from the Republican Speaker of the House for him to do so, he won’t resign. “Those people didn’t elect me,” he said. “The constituents did.” He says he already planned on not seeking another term in 2012.

He admitted to the Indianapolis Star on Tuesday that he did exchange e-mails with 18-year old Kameryn Gibson through Craigslist, on the section of the site meant for “casual encounters” between two men. Hinkle also admitted that he paid Gibson $80 “for a good time,” but denied Gibson’s allegations that he tried to prevent him from leaving the hotel room, exposed himself, and tried to pay him off with $100 cash, an iPad and Blackberry to keep quiet.

Soliciting male hookers on Craigslist is the excuse I use when somebody accuses me of talking about The View.

How Much Does a Circumcision Cost at Mass General?


My son was born 14 mo ago and because he was born in a Birth Center, he could not get circumcised at birth. Our hospital (Cambridge Hospital in MA) does not have a pediatric surgeon for this procedure so we were given a referral for a doctor at Mass General (Boston, MA). When I called Mass General to get a quote on the price, I got the following:

(includes Facility, Physician, Anesthesia)

This procedure is less than 30 minutes; the doctor himself even stated that this is one of the easiest procedures. I’ve researched prices for other countries and found a high of $1200.