NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! George Lucas Edits Star Wars For Blue Ray

Lucas trolling his fan base again:

Some review copies of the Star Wars Blu-rays have gone out to very select outlets (many of your favorite websites have been denied copies of the Blu by Lucasfilm), and a rumor has been tearing up the internet: among the tweaks George Lucas made to the Original Trilogy was adding Vader saying ‘Noooo!’ as the Emperor electrocutes Luke in Return of the Jedi.

It’s hard to believe this because Vader crying ‘Noooo!’ was one of the most widely derided aspects of Revenge of the Sith. It’s easy to believe because Lucas is so out of touch and loves the idea of on the nose symmetry between the two trilogies.

What is purported to be an audio recording of the scene has hit the web, and someone has timed it to the original scene in Jedi so that you can get a sense of how this supposedly works. I’ve embedded that below. It’s actually two ‘No’s, and it doesn’t sound exactly like the one from Sith, but similar.

The other changes include blinking Ewoks (wtf is a blinking ewok?) and Obi Wan Kenobi scaring away the Tuscan raiders by screaming like he just stepped on a nail while barefoot.


  1. I’m not a hardcore star wars fan, but I do enjoy the original trilogy. I was pissed as hell when he replaced the old Palpatine in the Empire Strikes Back revamp and I was even more frustrated when young Anakin replaced the old random guy in Return of the Jedi, but this is just rubbing salt into the wound and flipping the bird to his fans… I say we flip it right back and boycott this piece of trash release.

  2. all we wanted was the movies in high def, but lucas cant even give us that. I fully expect next year to hear that he’s giving into demands and releasing an unedited theatrical release in high def, despite his feelings that its an ‘inferior’ movie.
    Oh and I cancelled my pre-order of it. $55 for something else.

    1. This! This is exactly what we want. The original theatrical release, maybe cleaned up to give us excellent quality but the original cut. And this is impossible for him to do for some reason.

      1. He couldn’t even clean up the theatrical release when it came out on DVD. I bought the boxed set with the new and old versions a couple of years ago, and they were transferred off the laser disk edition. They are so grainy. But at least there aren’t dinosaurs and shit cluttering up every scene.

  3. I’m telling you that I am finally going to build that TARDIS, first go to Home Depot, then go pick up Patton Oswalt so he can fulfill his wish of killing George Lucas with a shovel.

  4. Is it fake? Ben’s screaming sounds f’n stupid!

    Also, is that some comment meme going around, “what/who is XYZ” where XYZ is appallingly easy to google for? If it is, it’s the first meme that I find annoying.

  5. This must be how a parent feels when their child turns into a drug user, gets arrested for stealing a car, and goes to jail at 16.

  6. George Lucas broke my heart with Episodes 1, 2, and 3. I no longer expect anything good from him, which is a shame. He should learn the old advice, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  7. So can anyone tell me why the legions of Star Wars fans haven’t acquired original prints and started a project to transfer, digitize, and clean up the original cuts as they were originally released?

    1. Because people who go to the effort of buying and restoring original prints of films know how ugly digital is. It’s also not exactly legal, so they don’t make a big public deal about it.

  8. I was 10 in 1977 so I saw the original three films as they came out and then again as they filtered to the TV and loved them. I used to get Marvel’s Star Wars weekly, which took hilarious liberties in extending the stories (they over reached themselves by introducing Jabba the Hut as a humanoid and then had to make some stuff up when Return of the Jedi came out). I loved that.

    When the prequels came out I went to see them. I can’t remember much about them.

    And that’s it.

    As a kid I loved those films but like The six Million Dollar man and Kung Fu, I thought about them for about 3-4 years because they are the Six Million Dollar Man of Movies. They’re pretty good, a lot of fun.

    It’s 2011 and the films have been left behind and what we have is a cult of talking about them which is removed from the films itself. Every single day there must be a hundred pieces of Star Wars Bullshit Death-star cake, Lightsabre Lamp etc etc etc etc on mainstream blogs accross the internet.

    It’s not chatter about the films, that was exhausted years ago, it’s chatter about chattering about the films and I find it pretty depressing at this point, not because I don’t like people having fun but because those films were the Six million Dollar Man of movies, you were supposed to enjoy them for a couple of years and then enjoy a load of other things.

    It’s no wonder George Lucas treats the films as six books of the Bible because so many people treat them like that. He’s like Colonol Parker, he can have absolutely no sense of proportion with those movies because culturally they’ve balooned into this international monster, so with the weight of that, the guy is bound to lose his mind.

    The irony is that the alterations will create uproar but will also result in sales to people who want to be incensed for themselves and ‘complete their collection’ of films they’ve bought countless times already.

  9. It’s going to turn out he really is trolling. The release version will have Vader saying:

  10. I suspect Lucas knows fully well the reception this will have. It’s as if he wants to remind the world that these films belong to him, and to no one else, especially the fans.

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