• Poor bastard. Look at him; he’s become just a bloated corpse of his former self.

  • ben

    He was actually just redirecting the puppies’ own momentum and force against them.

  • Mike K

    It’s not totally his fault. I heard Michael Vick was riding shotgun.

  • Mike

    I was totally expecting an Onion link.

  • Ah, under the auspices of career ratfucker Sheriff Joe Arpaio. What a shock. No, this is a standard response for Arpaio, who once dispatched a SWAT team, complete with armored personnel carrier, to serve a warrant in 2004. The family dog was killed then, too.

    They also burned down the house.

  • Tyr

    Man I hope he had “flight of the valkyries” blasting at full volume while he did this.