1. republishing content from across the interwebs with zero accompanying original content or commentary, does not a blog make.

    Ever read a newspaper? Nearly everything outside of the local page comes from Reuters, AP, etc. That’s “reposted” content too.

    Ever talk to someone about something you saw on the news? That’s pretty much what we’re doing here. Chris (FYI the guy running this blog) is just starting the conversations.

    1. Argh! I’m tired of reading a newspaper article that refers to the source of the info as… an article from ANOTHER newspaper! No fact checking. No original journalism. Just semi-plagiarizing another newspaper. Great way to spread false news, too. I noticed that happening right around the time all the editors got fired and typos and bad writing began to flourish.

  2. Uh, if that was an actual quote by Chris, I take back the sarcasm–I reckoned it was from the commenter. Cynical C usually has pretty good grammar.

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