1. Brilliant! I remember in the olden days that sometimes weekly half hour shows would continue the next week. In part two we got a 30 second summary or part one. I do not watch shows now that are apparently edited for ADHD victims and, on the return from commercial, recap what I saw not two minutes earlier. This includes otherwise great shows like Mythbusters.

    Hey editors: 1) I remember what happened before the commercials; 2) the DVR lets me back up if I missed anything; and 3) stop stealing time from my life.

  2. “i don’t blog on Saturday’s”.

    um, how about you don’t blog at all. republishing content from across the interwebs with zero accompanying original content or commentary, does not a blog make. get a job

  3. In the last paragraph, Dave reminisced in an endearingly crotchety fashion about how when he was a child, television shows would only reprise plot events one time per episode. And them almost always only at the beginning of that episode, and not the multiple times per episode after every commercial break as has become the style of late. A practice that he then satirically likened to what might be necessary if one were watching a television show that had been specifically formatted for the benefit of persons with comically short spans of attention. Such as of those who are suffering from certain types of attention deficits whose severity rises to a level requiring clinical attention.

    In Dave’s closing sentence to his first paragraph we saw that his consternation at this new practice of explaining what had just happened a few moments before in a television program had become so acute, that indeed, he now reports having given up watching certain shows entirely, despite their other redeeming qualities, such as their whimsical and often entertaining scientific content.

    What will happen in Dave’s second p[paragraph? Will he sarcastically suggest certain steps that television show producers might take in order to alleviate his frustration at their recent habit of repeating what just happened before every commercial break in a manner befitting the concentration capabilities of an inbred halfwit? Will Dave instruct these rogue editing fiends to cease their incessant time stealing ways? Will he wryly inform them that he is in possession of the latest in digital time shifting technology, thus rendering the perpetual efforts of television show editors to continually and frequently recap plot events to viewers entirely redundant?

    Stay tuned to Dave’s comments on this blog post and read Dave’s upcoming second paragraph after this break to find out!

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