Hurricane Irene Thread

We’re about as prepared as we can be. I bought some extra candles (shut up) and supplies. D batteries are harder to find in the store right now than Mike Tyson’s Punchout was in 1987.

The only thing I have left to do really is to head out to the garden and pick anything that has started to ripen. I’ll leave whatever is green left to fend for themselves.

How are you Eastern seabord Cynics holding up?


The pre-hurricane harvest.

Today’s not a good day to buy a new flashlight.

A list of nuclear plants in Irene’s path.


  1. So far, things aren’t too bad in Norfolk, VA. Been raining for over 12 hours, but we’re on a slight incline in a good area, so no flooding on our property yet. Wind has been picking up on and off quite a bit lately, and apparently there is or was a tornado warning for a while. Lots of small branches down. No power lost yet, although others aren’t so lucky. We’ll see how long that continues.

  2. We’ve been shaking the dog to get him to poop before the rain hits – that bugger likes to hold onto it! Otherwise we’ve gotten as prepared as we can! Laundry is all done, dishes are all washed, buckets are ready for toilet water, generator has been fed and we have 40lbs of dog food which he will decide not to eat. Now all I have to do is get ready for Google withdrawal!

  3. You guys were all in a panic over that earthquake about a week ago and it was nothing. I bet this hurricane thingy is just a little raid shower. 😉

  4. One small tomato is all I have from my garden so far.

    But it’s sunny and I’m in California. Have fun with that storm, and make some spaghetti sauce until the power goes off.

  5. Just west of I95 in North Carolina and the rain and wind has finally stopped. Lots of parts of trees in the yard, but otherwise all is good!

  6. So far, so good just outside of Washington DC. Lots of wind and steady rain, but nothing frightening. No power loss, which is a huge bonus.

    1. Seems to be mostly over for me. A little windy, but the rain has stopped, and we actually have a blue sky at the moment. A few short power outages, some minor flooding in roads, and a TON of little tree branches all over the place… nothing major.

  7. The list of Nuclear Power Plants in the path is a little incomplete. Of course, that assumes you agree that plants North of the Border can be a problem as well… And with the state of the Point Lepreau plant in New Brunswick, I’d be a whole lot more worried than I would be about some of those Yankee facilities…

    Just a thought…

  8. I have an heirloom tomato that’s been in my family for generations and one day I’ll bequeath it to by own kids.
    I suggest you take that fine specimen and pass it down so it can one day become something special to your great great grandchildren that will connect them with their family history.

  9. Lots of trees down in my neighborhood, power outages were sporadic, but we fared rather well. My lemon basil is a little worse for wear and my pumpkin vines were slightly kicked around by Irene, but we’re good.

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