1. Oh! Then you’ll probably need to call Aquaman. He’s not as busy as Superman, and just let him deal with your maters. In a pinch I suppose you could call Wolverine, but he’d probably just scowl at your maters, and what good is that?

      2. Mara: Fie! Though the X-Man be valiant, none but the Odinson, mighty Thor himself, may dare face a peril of such magnitude and hope to win the day!

        That said, though, the empirical evidence doth suggest that the God of Thunder be mightily pissed off at us mortals at the moment…

  1. Yup, here in NJ things are getting serious, THEY CLOSED THE CASINOS IN AC! My real fear is that the hurricane well damage some secret government labs and release all those shark/octopus/alligator hybrids on the unsuspecting population.

    1. Yeah, but we need a good sharktapussygator epidemic. It’s good for the nation’s economy. At least that’s what the robo-call from Michelle Bachmann said the other day.

  2. Im down in Savannah Georgia. Although I am sad for yall up north, I am glad we won’t be getting any of it for once. Its been a very long time since we had any sort of direct hit, but we usually catch lots of rain/flooding when they hit between Melbourne FL and Charleston SC. Hope all of you are well prepared and stay safe!

  3. Step 1. Buy up all milk, eggs and bread from stores in a panic
    Step 2. Cook up big batch of french toast before power goes out
    Step 3. ????
    Step 4. Profit

    I swear that in 10 years of living on the gulf coast for every hurricane or tropical storm people freaked and bought out milk, eggs and bread with no thought of spoilage once power went out.

    1. Is step 3 where you dip the french toast in ground up cornflakes?

      Actually, i had the best ever french toast a few weeks back, which were maple pecan coated.

  4. Hampton Roads area of Virginia. It was a trip seeing all of the Navy ships leaving. I work about 20 miles from the epicenter of that earthquake earlier in the week too so it’s been interesting.

  5. We’re north of NYC (about an hour), but we’re expecting a throng of visitors overnight on Saturday/Sunday from Long Island. Should be a fun storm! Hopefully the loss of life will be minimal.

  6. We’re freaking in Baltimore. I have been planning on having a yard sale for ages and now a freaking hurricane is coming on the one free weekend I have. I’m still having it.

  7. Long Island here. The Dunkin Donuts by me has put a thin ‘x’ of masking tape on their huge plate glass windows. Yeah, that’ll keep the doughnuts safe.

  8. I’m in NJ but closer to PA than NY – we already cleared the deck and brought everything in. Husband’s getting gas for the generator and I have enough food for 20 people and 30 dogs. I’m just annoyed that it’s my birthday on Sunday and I won’t be able to do much. AND I will be trapped indoors with a spastic German Shepherd. My cup runneth over. The one thing I’m in a panic about is getting the laundry done before we lose power or water!!

  9. Eh, Raleigh’s pretty okay on the hurricane front. We’re used to ’em anyway. I have a friend in Vermont and she says everyone’s freaking out, and I’m just like hahaha noobs

  10. Re tomatos. If you really think you’re going to lose them, use the end-of-season trick. Wrap them in brown paper bags and store in a dark place. They’ll slowly ripen and are edible (not as tasty tho’). Then, there’s always fried green tomatos. (some love ’em, I’m not too fond)

  11. hurricane advice from hawaii: plenty alcohol, smokables, alcohol, toilet paper, alcohol, rice, alcohol and propane for your grill. when the power goes out on the island there is not much to do but cook all the food that was in your frig and drink.

    meanwhile, i am praying for a hard right turn as my 20-year-old baby is due to fly to beijing from newark, on tuesday.

    stay safe east coast!!

  12. I made fun of you all about your piddling earthquake, but as we here in California don’t have hurricanes, and I have no experience of them, they terrify me. I’m glad I don’t have to go through that.

  13. Lol, you Yankees and your storm panic. I bet there’s no bread or milk at the store too. Why do people buy milk when there’s a storm coming???
    (disclaimer: I’m a Yankee living in Florida)

    1. Haven’t you seen Twister? The cows get blown away, leaving the chickens behind. Can’t get milk from a chicken. If only the cows were smart enough to hold onto the chickens…

  14. I live in (downtown) D.C. I’ve decided to spend the week on vacation at a lovely resort in Pennsylvania instead of possibly toughing it out with no power.

    Fried green tomatoes are one of the things that make life worth living. IMO.

  15. Used to live in South Florida where we routinely get hurricanes. Now I live in NYC. I’m not too worried because by the time it gets here, it will be a category 1, which in my experience is a walk in the park compared to a category 5.. Admittedly, I’m curious how much damage a hurricane can do in a city.

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