Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Some sad news from Dani:

Hey Chris,

We just lost our beloved Magnus Cat this month at just 4 yoa. A good image and brief synopsis is here on our blog:

We spent the week calling and searching. Yesterday my neighbor found him, and he’d been hit by a car. I carried him home and we buried him next to his sister who died in 2008.

He was a people cat, and we loved him beyond all measure. I’d be honored if you’d share his image. He even had his own face book page:

We miss him so much and were hoping you might make him your guest cat, in memoriam.

Thank you!



  1. Oh Dani, I’m so sincerely sorry!!! I am honestly tearing up in my cubicle looking at those photos and your message. Mr. & Mrs. Cornjob don’t have real children, so our fur children are all we have. I PROMISE to give Gromit the Cat a hug when I get home later tonight in honour of Magnus.

  2. Thank you Chris, and thank you everyone for your kindness.

    I have 2 other cats Newt and Crichton, but Magnus was our baby. He was always at hand in the house, or snoozing on the bed. He chased balls like a dog, and loved a good romp with his mousie, preferably with me down on all fours playing too. Magnus helped me do situps every morning by jumping down to lounge on his back stretched out beside me all ready to go. He always sat beside me in the recliner, exactly like a person, feet out stretched, back to the baclk of the chair and his forearm resting on the arm. He’d come in from outside mewing like mad and come to each of us in turn for his pets before retiring to the kibble dish. To which we’d say, “the greyhound is at the station.” He was a people cat, and my constant companion.

    It was 2 weeks ago now yesterday, and it’s still such a painful shock to us. We expect to see him all the time in his usual spots, but he’s gone and not coming back. We can only hope he didn’t suffer.

    Thanks again for the post and kindness. I’m so glad to know there are others out there who feel as we do about our animals.

  3. Oh, I’m so sorry! I lost my precious Cecil to a car as well–and Cecil looked and acted much like Magnus. I really feel for you.

  4. Sorry for your loss Dani…I know how hard it is…my cat Hazel lived to the ripe old age of 21 and when she went it created a huge of luck

  5. Dani,
    I’m so sorry you lost him. What a nice cat with such a loving personality.
    People cats can really hold on tight to your heart.

  6. I’m Maggie’s other person. He was such a fun guy! He had so many quirks and funny habits…
    I think when you can give a critter a home where s/he can relax and explore all possibilities they develop a deep rich personality, unlike other ‘pets’ that are treated as property or live backdrop.

  7. Vicki an I are really saddened to hear about Magnus.
    He looked like a great and formidable feline.
    When we lost ours, I kept “seeing” him out of the corner of my eye for months.

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