Wire Inspire

A Tumblr dedicated to Wire inspiration posters. I swear, that show is so good, just the mention of it makes me want to watch all FOUR seasons again.

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  1. ange,

    hell yea. Its on my ipod permanently.

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  2. James,

    Favorite version of the opening song? Season one, definitely, for me. I thought the Tom Waits version of his own song wasn’t all that great.

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  3. Terry,


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  4. McGee,

    The fifth season isn’t all that bad, despite its considerable inferiority when compared with the first four. It’s a lot more “on the nose,” especially the newspaper parts. And Jimmy McNulty’s insanity really takes aleap for the implausible.

    But having recently rewatched the entire series, I didn’t hate season 5 as much as I did the first time.

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  5. Nick,

    All five seasons of The Wire are excellent, Chris. However, that tumblr is lame.

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  6. Sheeeeeeeeeee-it. I just watched that episode last night!

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  7. Joey Chickenskin,

    I think Season five is weaker than the others and it also follows the incredible Season four, 12 hours of the best television ever made, with it’s risk taking blowing the main cast to the sidelines and starting from scratch with child actors and that risk paying off magnificently.

    I have a massive soft spot for five because of the ending. It ends the whole five seasons by emphasising the circular nature of everything.

    The whole thing is always circling me, trying to entrap me into devoting 2-4 hours a night for a month to tanking the whole lot. I’m going to see Mcnulty and Lester Freeman in Othello in Sheffield next month and the next day I know what I’ll start watching.

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  8. I love Stringer Bell so much I’m following Idris Elba through the dramatically improbable BBC show Luther.

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