1. Whenever I hear her name, I think of actual bridges made with rubies, which sounds fabulous, but also like a tremendous waste of resources.

    Anyone else notice the title of the painting, The Problem We All Live With? Either Norman Rockwell was a very good man, or a vile racist, depending on what he meant the “problem” was.

    1. Rockwell was a good man, in my opinion. You can see the great care he took in painting a little girl, wearing white (representing innocence) and looking so little, so sweet and so brave.

      I read more about Ruby Bridges on Wikipedia, a good person in many ways.

      What I cannot understand is the amount of hatred people directed at a very little girl. To think some crazed woman would threaten to poison her on her way to school and that there were others who kept up the threats for a very long time is horrible.. What goes on in those peoples’ heads? Does the evil inside eventually fade away or does it find new outlets?

      And then there’s the news clip today, of that little girl all grown up and standing in the White House with the president, proof that good can triumph.

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