• Juan Epstein

    Yeah, but apparently, he thinks “god” really wants him to wear that hat,too so….I find it easy not to take him so seriously.


    Epsteins Mother

  • TDavis

    He seems to have a lot in common with Fred Phelps.

  • McGee

    I hink dumb-looking beards cause earthquakes.

  • David

    Silly Rabbi. It’s gay sex that causes earthquakes. If they’re doing it right.

  • Dave

    I’m racking my brain trying to think of any topic, anything really, on which I would value this man’s opinion. I coming up blank.

  • Dale

    You know what they say: “If the entire eastern part of the country is rockin’, don’t come a knockin’.”

  • Tanya

    Ovey! WTF????

  • Brian

    Finally, proof that ignorance causes goofy hat syndrome.

  • Rampage_Rick

    I thought San Fransisco is the homosexual mecca… (During World War II, the United States armed forces “sought out and dishonorably discharged” homosexuals. Many men who were expelled for being gay were processed at San Francisco bases)

    First there was the 5.3 earthquake in Colorado, then the 5.8 in Virginia, followed by a 3.6 in San Fransisco. Thus proving that a higher proportion of gays results in a lower earthquake danger! (well unless the CIA has more fairies than the SF Bay area…)

    Also heard: “The collective eye-rolling of everyone in California is probably moving the earth more than the east coast earthquake.”

    • Frankly

      Since the quake his VA, where gay marriage is illegal it seems to me that God really is pissed at them for NOT being gay friendly.

  • Saywhatneedsaying

    What’s the difference between this ass-hat and any fundamentalist christian fundamentalist? There is no difference!!!!

    • Big difference. Fundamentalist Christians can eat bacon.

    • Angry Sam

      To be fair, his hat is actually kind of awesome.

  • B

    Oh yeah? How does he explain the earthquake in Iran? Iran “does not have that phenomena”.

    • Legion600

      That’s god punishing the muslims.

  • Mike K

    The earthquake was caused by our Founding Fathers rolling in their graves.

  • Circe

    I’m also a fundamentalist. I believe earthquakes are caused by homophobic rabbis.

    And priests, pastors and imams, lest we forget those.

  • ange

    earthquakes are caused by techtonic plates shifting, asshole rabbi’s are caused by religious zealotry.

  • Dave

    Why does he wear the big hat indoors? I don’t think he was raised right.

  • silly rabbi, it’s not the marriage that causes the earthquakes, it’s the sex that causes them

    god is love … if not then she can take a hike

  • Mike K

    He’s only wearing that silly hat because he was out of aluminum foil.