1. I think he’s right in some sense. I think people are slaves to government – to stupid spenditure with the military and financial bail-outs. That’s why people should get rid of the current political elite, republicans first.

  2. I can’t believe that this guy is actually ahead in the polls – is this what my country has come to? Meanwhile, Europe is having a secular campaign. Time to get my boat ready.

  3. Has anyone else noticed that the Chirstianists always quote the OLD TESTAMENT? I guess it’s because Jesus said it’s not good to be rich, that you have to give your goods to the poor, feed the poor, house the homeless, visit the sick, etc. That doesn’t square with their “core beliefs”.

    1. Yes! Like it’s would be easy to work six years and put up the seventh year for hard times. (Which would mean saving — if I’m not wrong, I’m no math whiz — 16% of our income. Really easy for a country where 46 million people live in families making less than $22,000.) The same bible that says charging interest is a sin and that all debts should be forgiven every 7 years. How come these jacka$$es never talk about sticking STRICTLY to the bible when it comes to THOSE principals?

    2. Yeah, the Christian theory is that Christ represented a new covenant with his people negating all those millions of laws from the OT. Instead these new Christianist assholes want to pick and choose from those millions of rules the ones they like and ignore the rest. If there really were a God those people would have some explaining to do.

  4. Biblical principles, like screw thy neighbor if they’re too lazy to get an executive job with thine own private jet. Thy neighbor also doesn’t need Obamacare, so it is written.

  5. Have the good governor lose all his fortune/health by some stroke of fate (“act of God”?), and let’s see how well he welcomes the “opportunity” to return to biblical principles.

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