1. She said “custom” so many times, as if she wanted to make sure you knew he didn’t cheap out and buy his headboard or embroidered leather seats off the rack at Sears.

  2. Roughly fifty children died of simple starvation in the time it took me to watch that and write this response. I don’t understand how to process this fact.

  3. “Upgraded to state-of-the-art flat-panel glass display” So new 757s don’t come standard with 10-year old technology? Or did Donald buy this thing *GASP* used?!?

    “The seatbelts, as well as everything else, are 24-carat gold plated” O RLY? Those TVs don’t appear to be gold plated. Nor do the pilots’ chairs. I’ll admit that gold-plated pillows aren’t as comfortable, but any self-respecting tycoon needs gold plated landing gear and gold plated compressor blades in their jet engines…

    I’m sorry, this jet screams 20th-century Bill Gates opulence, not 21st-century Bill Gates opulence

    How’d you love to be asleep in that bed whilst passing through some turbulence. Though, some up and down parabolic flight could make for some interesting up and down bow chicka wow wow

  4. You do have to realize that a 757 can fly fully loaded at much more than 500 MPH and can easily take down a skyscraper at 540 MPH? The rich should not be trusted with this technology. They should be taxed until they can only afford Gulfstreams.

    OMG, you can only afford a Learjet or a Gulfstream? My semi-employed for a year who just got a crappy short hours retail management job heart bleeds for you.

  5. That’s actually fascinating. I mean, the comfort and luxury is quite appealing (in a gratuitous kind of way), but the astonishingly dated tstselessness of it all…? For all the high tech – and actually that already looks out of date, as Rampage_Rick observed – it really looks like something out of the 80s.

    It’s also oddly unpersuasive.

    I mean, since only rich Saudis are into gold-plated everything this is obviously a marketing video pitched at Saudi playboys with a fetish for bouffantishly-toupeed elder statesmen (and that’s fair enough, wouldn’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, it takes all sorts, etc). But why have it presented by a woman? And she didn’t even show off the undulating bed mechanism, the collection of Swarovski-studded custom-tooled leather buttplugs, or the fully-refitted 24-ct-gold-plated Victorian Prostate Warmer…

  6. I really can’t think of any reason to have gold plated seat belts. I wonder if that shower has enough hot water to wash my hair or just enough for Mr. Trump’s hair.

  7. The worst part (aside from the starving kids, of course) is the environmental damage a full-sized jet does. Trump is a one-man superfund site. It’s disgraceful how many pollutants this dirtbag is spewing into the atmosphere to make up for his own insecurities. He should be jailed for crimes against earth.

    1. Not to defend him, but at least Trump’s probably traveling for business, unlike certain Travoltas who fly their jumbo jets for sh!ts and giggles.

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