1. What a cutey! Enjoy your weekend Chris! I just got a crappy mid-year review (my very first ever after 14 years here) and just KNOW that I’m being lined up for a shuffle out the door.

      1. I had to look that up. Corn’s really big here, but I haven’t heard of cornhole (the game) before.

        Evidently, the etymology for cornhole (the anus) dates back to when people used corn cobs instead of TP

        The more you know!

  2. Actually I misspelled Her name, its Muska.
    She thanks all for the nice comments!
    (I think she’s a little jealous of Maru and that book deal)

  3. I love seeing a name and then understanding where its from. ?????, ie mushka, is russian for mouse. ^^

    I should send in my own kitty pictures

      1. My girlfriend is Serbian. She says mish is how mouse is pronounced in Serb. But they’d probally have a war over it if I pushed the idea too much…

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