1. This reminds me of my own daily commute. At the bus stop, there is a mentally handicapped guy who sings terrible songs in a loud, terrible voice. He sounds a lot like the video guy. You can tell everyone at the stop is thinking “STFU” but they are too polite, given the guy’s situation. As for me, I often skip my stop and walk the extra just to avoid the assault on my eardrums.

  2. All I know is that if I ride the locals on off hours when they’re not full, there will always be two old people yelling in Chinese across the bus. They could sit together if they wanted to talk, but they gotta yell across more than half a bus.

    I’d rather hear this guy sing.

  3. This guy has Down Syndrome, you ignorant fools. You can tell from the? way he looks and sounds. It explains his enthusiasm for? singing and why he would be completely unaware that his singing would be? annoying to others.

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