1. I grew up with coal. I have a lot of respect for those guys who go into their grave every day, knowing the company is violating safety regulations in the name of profit.
    They are proud as hell though.

  2. This is funny because it’s true, that’s why it’s also sad. These are company towns, and the companies (I’m talking about you Massey Energy) often cut corners on safety. Miners die.

    Really would be a good thing if these communities could organize and use their steady revenue stream to start buisiness or attract investment to their area to provide other options.

  3. Providing other options only helps insofar as it raises miners’ ability to ask for raises. It’s impossible to have a society where no one has to have a mining job!

    1. Actually lots of mining is being done by machine now. Unfortunately, the kinds of mining in which it is cheaper to hire labor are usually the most dangerous – it is often cheaper to pay a dead miner’s family-pension than it is to replace the new big machines.

    2. Of course there still have to be miners. But if some of their reliable income could be redirected to native industries or outside industries they might have the leverage to receive properly wired gas monitoring equipment.

      I am sure Massey has some kind of veto over this.

  4. “The company will continue to apologise periodically for as long as the miners remain trapped” – brilliant! That’s the true Onion touch…

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