1. I’m really surprised King’s X never got more popular. They’re a talented trio. I’m guessing it’s down to label politics and poor publicity.

      1. Maybe it’s a race thing. Maybe we’re not ready for hard rockin’ black dudes. I moved back to my hometown of Houston around the time King’s X was getting national respect. Oddly, King’s X didn’t seem to do a lot to support the local music community. You think they could have started something like the School of Rock in the 3rd Ward. H-town music was cool back then with The Hunger, Blue October when they were still drunks, and Voice of Eye. Washington Avenue could have beat Austin’s boring Sixth Street if we had stayed on the right path.

        The building where Vatican/The Abyss is vacant. I sometimes dream of reopening it.

      2. Basically King’s X weren’t more popular because the were lumped in to the christian Rock category because of their rather positive lyrics, and the christians loved them….until Doug came out as being Gay; the christians dropped them like a hot rock, going as far as sending threats to them (as I understand the story). Now THAT’S christian love for ya!

  1. The beauty of it is that it just proves that she’s trying to bullshit everyone into believing that she’s “just like you!”. If she really was an Elvis fan she would have known that. Reminiscent of Palin riding into bike week on (the back of) a Harley.
    I love the crowd’s confused silence. “Elvis’ birthday? Uh, are we supposed to applaud now or what?”

  2. When He died, He was born into everlasting glory: so it is that Bachman is right, in a way, when she wishes Him a happy birth-day. (I don’t think it’s an orthodax practice, but it is not heretical.)

  3. my birthday is January 8th so I went around all day demanding birthday presents sine Batshit claimed it was my birthday.

    Fortunately for me I don’t have so much money that I will die on the crapper from a nasty drug cocktail that kills my colon.

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